May 21, 2004

Firefox Extensions

It's official, IE is dead. I've been using Firefox for a while now [version 0.8 official]. It's hands down the best browser. The fact is, Firefox by itself is a mostly basic, though undeniably cool browser. But it's the extensions that make it work.

The Firefox I use is much different from the Firefox anyone else will use. There are many extensions, and people tend to use what they need. I'm just listing some of the extensions that are great, you decide what else you need yourself.

  • Adblock: Without a doubt, my must useful one. Just block all the ads you can. With wildcards!!
  • Conquery: Query different websites. [the common one's I query are IMDB & the Webster dictionary]
  • Googlebar: Google toolbar, like IE, only more customisable.
  • Web Developer: Really powerful tool, use it for lots of things. [Disable images/Java/Flash/...]
  • All-in-One Gestures: I've been using it for only a few days, & I already love it. Mouse gestures are really handy. Try them, and those that use keyboard shortcuts will really appreciate this also.
  • Firesomething: Not useful in any way, but really funny...

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