May 23, 2004

Special Google Searches

Google is a lot more useful than most people know. There are a few indispensable searches that I just cannot do without.

File Search: It's faster to search for files using Google. Suppose you want to get the latest version of Winamp fast. Just search for intitle:"index of" winamp*exe. This applies to any other thing as well. Searching for "Index of" in the title generally gives you directory listings, from where you can download files directly. I use it to find documentation fast. To search for any file, use the following search syntax: intitle:"index of" [query]

Definitions: I need Google while studying. It's faster to look-up definitions on Google than from textbooks or from my notes. For example, when I want to know what AVL trees are, I use Google. The define keyword really becomes useful one day before your examination, like today.

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