June 11, 2004

The Linux soap opera

This is really funny. Some guy named Ken Brown went around interviewing people and is going to publish a book on why open source is bad for business and his claim that Linus Torvalds did not write the original Linux kernel! It's actually got the whole open source community outraged.

One of the people he interviewed was Professor Andy Tanenbaum, the one who wrote the Computer Organization & Computer Networking books. Brown claimed that Tanenbaum supports his claim, with which the professor promptly disagreed. Read his original rebuttal here. It's a most entertaining read.

It gets even more interesting. Brown reacted to Tanenbaum's response, and again put up a document at his site, a really boring document. I could not get myself to read it till the end. Now, Tanenbaum has again responded, and this response is as entertaining as the first one. Worth spending some time to read.

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