June 04, 2004

PC Format

WinXp has a half-life of around 1 year. After that, it becomes unusable. It was time now to go for a clean install again, so I formatted my PC this morning. And spent the whole day yesterday backing up all my important data & program settings. And now my PC is working like it's on hyper-drive, everything's faster than I could remember. Sure, it took me the whole day today, but it was surely worth the effort.

I'd love to give you guys the details, but I'm just not up to it right now. Visit this page, that guy gives a pretty neat impression of the Microsoft setup hell.

1 comment:

Prasad said...

nice url!! keep posting like this.. i have been using my installation of win xp pro beta since 1 year now :-)... fortunately i keep all personal docs et al on a different partition and the OS installation on a differeent partition. SO its ok. a reinstall is much much faster this way