June 23, 2004


RSS is a life saver. I'm not talking about the right-wing politicians here. I'm talking about site syndication. Now, I can guess that most of you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. So, lets start from the beginning.

RSS is primarily used by news sites and blogs. Rediff is the only Indian news site that has it's own RSS feeds as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong. To use RSS, you need an RSS reader. I use Firefox, and there's a nifty Firefox extensions that allows your browser to read RSS feeds. But I recommend FeedDemon for newbies, the best aggregator that I've seen. It's shareware, but give it a try. It comes pre-configured with lots of popular feeds by default.

Basically, what RSS does is give you the latest headlines of a news site or the latest posts of a blog, along with a short summary. You can than choose to view the entire story/post if you want. No more navigating through the entire site. And you can syndicate as many feeds you want, check on as many sites you want. And it's fast, plus you get updated to the latest news that you want. And, most RSS feeds are Ad-free.

Most blogs have RSS support. Check out my sidebar, I've got three kinds of feeds going on. Atom is a standard similar to RSS and most aggregators support it also. RSS 1.0 & RSS 2.0 are different versions of RSS. You can you any of those feeds to syndicate to my blog. It's simple. Most aggregators support all these standards.

I'm on the lookout for any Indian sites other than Rediff that have RSS support. Tell me if you guys find any.


PS: Here's another article that explains about RSS, and much better than mine.

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