June 30, 2004


My net connection expired yesterday. So naturally it took till today to renew it, even though I called my provider 3 days in advance telling him that I'll be needing a refill soon. But no sweats, I knew it would take some time and had already planned the day.

I spent the whole of yesterday reading movie scripts. Check out this site for all your script needs. I read scripts of all the movies I like, if I can get them. Read the script for Pitch Black, Groundhog Day and Shawshak Redemption. All great movies, with great scripts. Check them out if you want.

I forgot to mention my thoughts on the movies after reading the scripts. So here goes.

Pitch Black: An excellent script, it's a truly unique movie. They could have done better than Vin Diesel, who should thank his stars for getting the role of Riddick. He's played the same character for every movie since.

Groundhog Day: It's one of the most amusing and touching scripts, ever. The original draft was slightly different from the shooting script, but it's still really good. The movie is brilliant, but the written script is better. I almost want this to have been a book to read.

The Shawshak Redemption: Morgan Freeman plays Red to perfection. No one else would be this good. The movie is based on a short story by Stephen King, which I didn't know until yesterday. I guess I'll be reading more of him soon.

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