July 02, 2004

HBO Original movies

Watched Live From Baghdad a few days ago. It's a movie during the first US war on Iraq, the first war covered live on the news channels. It's about a team of CNN journalists that report live from Baghdad as the first assault takes place. Of course, this was a novelty back then, and now it seems that the wars are being staged just for television ratings. But that's going off-topic.

Michael Keaton looks good in this movie. It's really fun to watch. Is it just me or do you people also feel that most of the HBO Original movies are great? Two really good ones I remember are Cheaters and Conspiracy. I didn't get a chance to see a few others that I heard were good. And HBO also produces my favourite TV show, Six Feet Under. We get it on Zee English over here, which I can't understand why.

All in all, I've got to say that HBO is a really good channel, and produces some great original stuff. As far as the standard fare goes, it's level with Star Movies, but when you look at the small-budget movies, HBO rules.

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