July 08, 2004

The Latest

I've been kinda busy for the last few days, actually doing something. I was building a blog plus a photo gallery for a friend of mine whose moving to the states. He's probably not going to use it, but it was fun to do it anyway. I didn't want to use any ready-made tools available, like Blogger. This had to be something that I worked on.

I found a good host, XAXAX.com for setting it up. Then installed Greymatter, the original weblog software. I still think bloger is good, but what you can do with blogger pales in front of what you can do with custom blog softwares like this. Sure, Movable type is a better alternative, but I had a space requirement. The max space I got was 200Mb, and I had to fit a gallery with it too.

I originally wanted to use Gallery, but it would not run on my host. So I set up Axiom Photo Gallery.

I know this is boring to hear, but it was really fun to do. Till next time then...

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