July 04, 2004

Notes on Blogging

Some people have asked me what is this blog thing that I keep talking about and others have asked precisely why I like to blog. The short answer is that I don't know. The long answer is written below, so I'm warning you as usual to not read it for the sake of your mental sanity. Always stop at the short answer.

  • All right, there are many reasons for me to blog. One of them is that I like telling people what to do, actually I love it. I love other people listening to me sometimes. Ya, I'm egoistic, deal with it. Over here, I can keep preaching what I want and it's acceptable to others.
  • Another reason is that I have a pathetic memory. I remember the strangest things, but never the things of any importance. If I keep doing this long enough, it'll finally turn out to be kind of a memory well. Look into thy blog when thou can't remember.
  • Another reason is that I often come across as a hypocrite. It's because I frequently change my views on things, and this blog will show me just how many times I've changed my mind. I happen to think there's nothing wrong with changing your perceptions, it seems like a healthy way to live.
  • Another reason is this seems like a great way to get to know some really cool people. And to read other people's stuff, some of whom are great at writing.
  • And this also helps me improve my own writing. Lets me keep my thoughts ordered.
  • And finally I do this because I like Tech. This keeps me up to date with most of the basic web-design stuff.
Phew, if you got this far, I congratulate you on your patience. I usually don't like long posts, especially those written by me. Oh, and one final thing. I will contradict myself. Often. Get used to it.


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