July 29, 2004

The Project

This year, we have to "learn" a new programming language as per the syllabus of the board. And our college has chosen Java. And we need to create a mini-project. It's nearly impossible to not laugh when the professor tries to explain something, she's clueless. Thankfully, I knew a little of Java beforehand, and don't have to rely on her.

The project I've already decided upon is an RSS reader. I'm not going to make some pathetic little project just for demonstration sake, I want to make something that people can actually use. Of course there's the problem that I know only the basics of Java, know almost nothing of XML, and have never yet tried to make a useful program. But no sweats, what are these next 2 months for?

On a side-note, I've been going to college. And this is the schedule I've been following for the last few days:

  • Night: Set alarm for morning 6:30 am.
  • Morning: Wake up, feel too sleepy, set alarm for 6:45 and try to rest for a while.
  • 7:45: Wake up, repeat above process.
  • 7:15: Finally wake up for good, feel urgency at maybe being late.
  • 8:10: Finally leave home, go through the pouring rain to the train station [it always starts raining just as I leave home]
  • 9:15 onwards: Reach college somehow on time. Spend the first lecture trying to listen. Feel sleepy from the second lecture onwards, but can't sleep in class. Talk to some friends, have some fun, and attend my practicals [practicals are what we go to college for]. Somehow reach the end of the day, and go through the rain again back to the station.
  • 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm: Reach home, finally some sleep! Sleep for at least two hours. Wake up refreshed, ready to do something. Surf a little, wait for dinner. Eat, surf some more.
  • 11:00 pm: Finally my folks have finished their serials, watch some TV. Write any remaining/overdue assignments.
  • 1:00 am: Start feeling sleepy finally, but can't sleep when I try to. Curse my evening nap, now I won't get enough sleep, and the cycle repeats ad infinitum.

Most people will wonder why I keep bitching about engineering, there are so many harder things in life. It's just that engineering is not hard, it's frustrating. It's frustrating when I actually want to learn something [for a few subjects]. Engineers are trained to be drones, we are trained to not question stuff, just blindly do as we are told. It's true, 4 years of this and you are a changed person. And I hate that.

Even if you are not paranoid, it does not mean that they are not out to get you...

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