July 03, 2004


Went and saw Troy yesterday. It seems that everybody has already seem this, and everybody has similar opinions on it. My reactions are like most others'. Here goes, category-wise for added fun.

Acting: Eric Bana has made himself a big star with this one. Peter O Toole's scene with Brad Pitt was the best moment in the whole movie. Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger both suck at acting. Brad Pitt didn't act well, but was not as bad as the above two. Achilles was bound to be hard to play. Sean Bean was good in his short role as Odysseus. Rose Byrne was quite good, so I don't grudge her character getting a bigger role.

Script: Not as good as I had hoped. I mean, come on! They fitted a decade long battle into a couple of weeks! I've not even read the Iliad yet, but could point out too many deviations from the original. But it was not that bad, complete newbies could follow it.

Directing: I can't remember seeing any Wolfgang Peterson films before this. Even though it was not top-notch directing, this man had the guts to take on this project, which gives him my support anytime.

Effects: This will be the primary attraction for most folks over here. They are good enough for someone who just wants to see a movie solely for the giant battle scenes, but not as good as LOTR.

Overall, I think the movie should have stayed more within the original story-line, but more importantly, recast some of it's actors. It was quite good, and I enjoyed seeing it. Recommend that everyone should catch it once.

On a side-note, here's an unproduced script for The Odyssey, which I have mentioned earlier. This script is really worth reading.

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