August 03, 2004

Currently reading...

It's time to learn Java right now. I know the basics, and so I'm just skipping through various books till I get to the advanced part. And I'm not referring to a single book, there are three.

First of all, there's Thinking in Java. This is the best introductory Java book I know, and it's free. Download it from here. A must read, if you want to learn Java.

Then there's Java 2: The Complete Reference, which is a giant book. Got it from a friend for a few days, and read a few chapters. It is good, but not as good as Thinking in Java. It is more detailed tough.

Then there's Core Java 2, Volume II: Advanced Features, which I took from my college library today. Seems good right now.

Oh, and I finished reading the transcripts of all the Angel episodes, even the fifth season. Love that show. But I have too much free time, it seems...

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