August 26, 2004


I've written about this before. Many times. But I gotta do more Firefox advocacy. I hate watching people using IE and thinking that it's the only browser around. Especially when there is such a great alternative present.

What's so great about Firefox? It's fast and simple. It's standards compliant. Has a simple interface that does not try to pack too much features in like Opera. It has tabbed browsing, no need to keep many windows open. It blocks popups by default.

But these are just the starters. The great thing about Firefox is the open architecture it's built on. The philosophy is to build a great browser, with minimal features, and to enable people to customize what else they many with the use of Extensions. The Extensions are the life-blood of Firefox.

I have so many Extensions working away right now that I are indispensable. I cannot browser without them. Just consider these:

  • Adblock - Blocks any image ads you see.
  • All-in-One Gestures - Mouse gestures [you'll take some time to learn them, but they are really useful].
  • Web Developer - The best, especially when I'm fine-tuning my template.
  • Googlebar - A Google toolbar [better than the IE version].
  • Conquery - Query various websites [Amzon, IMDb, Wikipedia, etc.]
  • Sage - A lite-weight RSS & Atom reader
  • GMail Notifier - Integrates my GMail a/c with Firefox.

And that's just listing the most useful ones. You can customize Firefox to "fit like a glove".

Google recommends it, if that makes any difference to people who have not yet been convinced. See this, & this, & this. Also, there's speculation that Google is considering releasing a "Google Browser" based on Firefox.

Of course this is just all pro-Firefox stuff. I can write tons more anti-IE. But I'd rather not. Instead just read this if you care.

Whoa, this was supposed to be a short post. Guess I got carried away. And I've probably already posted most of this earlier. No more promotional posts for some time now.

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