August 08, 2004

On writing

People write in different ways. I don't consider my self a good writer, but I have my own particular way. And this applies while programming as well, writing code and writing plain English are both the same to me.

I usually sit blank for a minute or two before starting to write. And I usually don't spontaneously start writing on a topic. I normally think about what I'm writing first, go over what I want to write. I basically form the whole structure in my head. Then I start typing. And as I'm typing, I'm blanked out... I almost never read what I'm writing on the screen, until I finish [thank god for spell-checks]. People who have seen me programming at college will testify, it's nearly impossible to get my attention once I'm typing something.

The exception to this when I'm linking to stuff; I never think a lot about those posts.

Is this weird or do many people write in a similar manner?

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