August 21, 2004

Project update

After much procrastination, I've finally started some work on the project. And I've realised one thing, I don't like Java. Programming in C/C++ was fun. The little I've tried of Python & Perl was also fun. But Java's no fun.

Even the most rudimentary task is made too formal in Java. You have to enjoy programming to get this, but in Java, the syntax gets in the way. C/C++ is an ugly beast, but it is captivating nonetheless. Python has a beautiful syntax, I keep wanting to switch from Java to Python for my project [but I can't, I am supposed to code in Java]. Perl is also an ugly brute. I don't like it very much, but I get that you can almost write poetry with Perl. It's syntax is flexible enough for anything. But Java is just plain boring. It seems to be "planned by committee" or something.

Writing code in Java is not that difficult. It's just tiresome. Hence the delay in starting to code. Many people like the language, so I won't start keep bashing it over here. But it's not for me. The only situation I'd willingly program in Java from now on is when I get paid for it.

I want people to read these two essays from Paul Graham's site. The first is about his own initial feel for Java. The second is almost funny. It lists different programming languages, and what they are designed to "fix".

And just for reference sake, I'm starting out with reading XML - DOM tutorial for Java from Sun's site.

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