August 16, 2004


I detest shopping. Absolutely hate to go out to but stuff. I beg, borrow & steal to get out of the most mundane shopping. The latest was getting a friend to buy my stationery for me [Sohel: Thanks for the file]. There's no knowing how much lower I can fall.

There are two exceptions to this though. One's buying computer stuff, and the other's buying books. I don't trust anyone else to buy anything computer related for me, and I love books more than I hate shopping. This means that when it's time to buy books, or anything for my PC, I try to get somebody to come with me. But if I cannot convince anyone to come, I suck it up & go alone.

Today I went to Lamington Road and bought a new keyboard. Left home at 8:00 and went there direct from college. Reached home at 20:00. Damn that traffic. Still my only regret was not getting anything to read for the way.

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