August 24, 2004

Some Psychoanalyzing

The last few days have been busy. But I still had enough time to keep analysing myself. This is what I do for fun, or when I don't get sleep.

I think that I think in a different way from most people. That's because everyone else seems to be thinking the exact opposite of what I think. But I guess that's what everyone feels like, except the shallowest of people.

Also nearly everyone seems to agree that rational thought is important. I believe that I don't think rationally. To think rationally, you have to... I don't know, think of the facts or something. Use logic. But I don't do that, at least for most cases. I usually arrive at conclusions instantaneously, but take a long time to express them. It's as if I already know the answer, but can't remember it. It takes some time for it to sink in.

I need to use an example for this. Consider chess. I've seen people think over an move for 15-20 minutes. They go over all possible things they can think of. Some formulate different strategies, analysing the risk of each move. Most of them have a plan. But I usually just stare at a chess board, and think of individual moves. I keep looking at the board till I can almost see what I want to do. If there's some thought involved here, it's subconscious. Playing WEBoggle is also the same thing.

Of course I'm not making much sense here. If I read over this post, it will somewhat seem like something I feel like sometimes. But not exactly.

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