August 12, 2004


I've been busy for the last few days writing assignments. And when I'm not writing, I've been reading Jeffery Archer's The Prodigal Daughter [again]. Almost 2/3 finished right now.

My posts have become somewhat less frequent for the last few weeks. It's due to my college. I'm at the "middle" period, where most bloggers give up. They start enthusiastically, lose momentum and stop posting. I don't think that will happen to me, as this is probably the only creative outlet I have left.

In other news, my sister gave me a great bookmark. There's a man who paints bookmarks during book sales at Sunderbahi Hall. I didn't believe that it was hand-painted at first, it looks so great. Will try to scan it and post when I get a chance. It's sad that I got something this beautiful for only Rs. 20. And I googled his name [V. Nadkarni], not a single hit... He probably just loves books, and does this as a hobby.

In in still more news, I found out that Indian Express provides RSS feeds at it's site. Then them out.

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