September 27, 2004


Engineering is about writing. Nobody cares whether you actually learned anything, as long as your file is complete. And as this is the only thing expected of us, they overload us with it. The whole pointless crap gets to me sometimes, but I'm pretty much used to dealing with it.

Finally did some writing work today. Sat down for a long time & completed most of my assignments. Tomorrow, off to college to submit 'em, with Wednesday as a backup day for any remaining work. Then on it's the prelims next Monday to Saturday. And then finally I'll start studying for this Semester, during a month-long leave before the University exams somewhere from mid-November onwards.

I've ranted a lot about not having enough time, but actually my life right now if pretty free. All I do everyday is basically sit around. I can do anything I want, as soon as I finish some writing the "expected" assignments. And that is precisely what gets me; doing something that I have to do, but am not interested in, is the worst for me. Hell, I can't even do stuff I like while I'm procrastination the boring stuff.

But that's almost past now. Finally.

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