September 01, 2004

The Interpreter of Maladies

I finished reading Interpreter of Maladies today morning. It's an o.k. book, nothing I'd get excited over.

It's made up of 9 short stories, which are totally unrelated. The only common thing they have is that they each have some Indian characters, and the protagonist(s) of each story are going through some crisis. I really liked the first [A Temporary Matter] and last [The Third Continent] stories. The seven in the middle were not that good. Some stories did have a lot of promise, but it felt like the plot was left hanging at the end. But that's probably what Lahiri intended.

I've read few books by Indian authors. The last I read was The God of Small Things. I actually can't remember reading any other Indian books... But it seems that Indians writing in English write in a distinct style. And I'm not sure whether I like it.

In other news, I just got Atlas Shrugged from a friend. This is a large book, and should take a week for me to finish.

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