October 11, 2004

Big update

My prelims went as well as can be expected. Passed most of the important subjects [the ones with term work], I think. Not sure about a couple; but no sweats. The only reason to try clearing the prelims at my college is not writing the paper again before submitting. And maybe get a couple of extra marks in term work.

Been planing to update the template a bit. I had disabled trackbacks, too much cluttering on the main page. Now, they are working at the individual item pages.

And no more posts just to share a link. I've found del.icio.us now. It's a "social bookmark" system. You have to use it a couple of times to get it, but it basically means that you store your bookmarks online, categorize them, and access them via RSS feeds. You can integrate these feeds in your blog in various ways. Look at the sidebar, a brand new link blog.

And finally, I really want to totally revamp my template. Getting tired of looking at the same old thing. Expect that in a week or two, but no promises. The next few days, I'll just be reading and watching movies, a lot.

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