October 02, 2004


I had deceided to not buy any books until my exams get over [December]. And then buy a whole bunch of 'em together. So much for plans.

My sister is on a book shopping crusade lately. She told me yesterday that she's going to Churchgate to get some books off the street and asked me whether I wanted some. I promply gave her a list, a much reduced version of the list I had made myself. No way I can buy all those books at one time.

As a result, I now have my very own copy of Catch-22. I need to keep the books I love, can't live off borrowed stuff. And after around a year of wanting it, I finally have Joyce's Ulysses. Really want to read that. Also, The Count of Monte Cristo, which I now have after adding it to my list just a week ago. Which is breaking a record in itself, most of the books on my list have been there for a long time.

My sister has started her MMS, and wants to get "serious" with life from now on. She asked her professors for advice on which books to read; most of them are dumb management books. I think the only book I'll read from those she bought yesterday will be Future Shock. The tiny Who Moved My Cheese? does not even count, I'll read that some night when I can't sleep.

This is atleast some motivation for me to start studying for my prelims, I can't touch these books until next Monday when my prelims get over.

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