October 20, 2004

The Extended editions

I've finally seen both the LOTR extended editions now. They are just too good. As I see it, the original movies are for film buffs, and the extended versions are for LOTR buffs. They shot a massive amount of footage for all the films, and he charter building moments are usually the ones that get cut out.

There are many nice moments that only die hard LOTR fans will enjoy. I really loved the new opening of FOTR, with Bilbo giving an introduction of Hobbits. It was just too sweet. And the Lorien footage is beefed up, much to my liking. Two Towers is a much better movie now with all the extra scenes. Most fans will never forgive Peter Jackson for changing Faramir, but at least now we can see his motives.

There are few scenes where Jackson shows his cinematic brilliance. There's a shot in TTT; in the Fangorn forest, with Merry and Pippin just waking up. It's one of the most cinematically beautiful scenes, I just paused to look at it for a few minutes. And the humour of some scenes leaves an impression.

I'm not going to start listing all the changes made, that's already been done over and over again. Any fool can use Google and look it up. Actually, this is not much of a review anyway. It's just my way of saying I love these movies even more now.

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