October 27, 2004


I'm a sorting geek, at least on my PC. I organize all the information I save. I tag all my mp3's, sort them into folders artist wise, add extra meta-data as required and create various views in the Winamp Media Library. I sort all the different images [sort of] I've collected using Picasa. My desktop is always clean, just the few programs I regularly use plus a few text files. I obsessively use filters & labels on my GMail account. And right now I'm perfecting a tagging system for my del.icio.us links.

I use custom shortcut key-combos for all the favourite apps. And global hotkeys for Winamp. My start menu is unique as far as I know... Just look at a screenshot.


I use a trick that saves me at least 5 minutes everyday [which is huge]. I organize all programs in different categories. Then rename each menu item so that each entry had a different first character. Then just type what I want. Example: WinKey + P [for programs] + N [For Net] + F [for Flashget] + F launches Flashget. Or WinKey + U + N + N for Nero. Anyone who comes at my house never understands what I'm doing for the first 5 minutes.

I do this because when I want something, I want it quick. I hate wasting a few minutes trying to find something I know I've saved somewhere. It's like a quick "information fix" or something. My organizational skills are not perfect, I only sort the stuff I actually use. But I can tell you, I positively cringe when I sit on someone's computer and see a vast array of disorganized icons. It's just too disorienting.

Update: My background, as much as you can see from the screenshot is ChchchchChanges by rain1man.

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