October 26, 2004


The more time you have, the lesser is the work that you get done. At least that's the case with me. Two weeks I've spent doing nothing at all. I had planned on maybe starting to study, which I didn't. I had planned to write 3-4 posts which are spinning around in my head for quite a while, but could not get them out. I had planned to learn the basic of Javascript, but only got as far as printing out a tutorial. I had planned to change the template of my blog [I actually enjoy this kind of stuff], but could decide on a particular design to implement.

The only thing I did do is read some [Monte Cristo and Catch-22 again]. I started with Ulysses, and could not make it past the first 5 pages. Just could not get Joyce's style in my head. This makes two books [along with Midnight's Children] that I just could not even start.

The funny thing once I decide to start studying, I won't get any studying done until the last moment [panic]. I'll probably do all this stuff instead.

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