November 21, 2004

DUD: Delay, Uncertainty & Doubt

Just when I thought I could not dislike “the Board”, something like this happens. Today morning I was woken up from my usual slumber by a friend and told that tomorrow’s exam is probably postponed. It’s because some “holy man” was arrested and VHP has called a national strike or something.

I came to know that MSBTE has declared that all of tomorrow’s exams are postponed to 7th December. I checked it online, it’s true. Now there is a big issue of whether MSBTE has jurisdiction over Engineering exams, I know that they control the Diploma exams. The site for DTE does not say anything on this matter. And today being a Sunday, all the colleges have shut shop.

It’s a fact that both Diploma exams and Medical exams have been postponed. But we poor engineering folk have no idea what’s going to happen, and thus are left in a state of doubt. Of course, it does not help that I loafed around the whole of yesterday, and so I have to study today if there is any chance of there being a exam. But here I am, unable to concentrate, and hence typing this.

Update: It was today, and ironies of ironies, this was my best exam yet. When life gives you lemonade…

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