November 20, 2004


I’ve been quiet for some time now. What can I say, I’ve been studying. It’s the “last minute panic” that brings it out of me.

The first one, DCOM went as well it could have gone. Actually better than expected, considering I hate the subject and can’t start to solve Maths. But only my fellow IT students got lucky, the Computer Engineering people got butchered (they have a slightly different syllabus, and hence a different paper). The second, Computer Networks, was also good. I like that subject, so studying it was no big deal.

I had decided to not post anything for some time, as I would only have posted another engineering rant. Everyone has had enough of that, even I’m tired of singing the same tune over and over again.

So the subject of today’s post is flash animations. I never liked them before. Most of those them were too irritating to be allowed. But I’ve come to realize that there are people that can use any medium they have and create brilliant stuff.

The first place you go to check out Flash movies is VidLit. It’s amazing. The my favourite VidLit so far is Craziest. A word of caution, these are large files. Craziest is around 8Mb, and will take a long time to load.

Then there are a few other movies that I’ve discovered. Paperwars is a wonderful movie that needs to be watched. Just imagine sitting in your classroom and doodling. Then there’s Ze Frank’s introduction to “alternate” email punctuation.


Update: Zoomquilt is groovy!

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