November 09, 2004

The fox is out!

Get the browser, now that it's out of beta and we've got a version 1.0 release. There are some improvements over the preview release, and over the two release candidates. But the main point of a 1.0 release is that most of the bugs have been fixed. I'm off to nuke my profile and do a clean install...

Damn I use a lot of extensions. These are just the most important ones that I've got to install [no time for linking].

  • Adblock
  • All in one gestures
  • ConQuery
  • Flashgot
  • Foxylicious
  • Googlebar
  • LiveHTTPHeaders
  • Openbook
  • Sage
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Weatherfox
  • Web Developer

This reminds me of a line from some song: "Excess ain't rebellion"

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