November 13, 2004


Now that I’m getting a little serious about studies, all other thoughts come screaming into my head. Plans of what to do, small ideas that I’d like to implement. So I’m thinking that it’s time to make my famous predictions about what I’m going to do after the exams are over. Famous in the sense they are famously wrong, just look at a previous one. But hey, whatever keeps me going. I’m mostly putting down the technical stuff, as I never know which books I might get to read. Here it goes:

  • Hack Foxylicious to support “/” sub-directories. It is a bookmark synchronizer, that adds all my links to my Firefox bookmarks. I’m rethinking the whole hierarchy thing. Flat hierarchies look promising.
  • Learn at least one of this properly: Javascript, Perl, Python.
  • Play around with XUL, and maybe build something like the MAB. Use Firefox for that link only, won’t work in IE.

It will be a miracle if I even get one of those done, but that’s never stopped me before.

By the way, I’ve finally got around to finding a great way to write my posts. I use Markdown syntax to write them in plain text, and Smartypants to get all the stylised & typologically correct quotes. Writing them in plain text, I convert them into XHTML using a couple of Perl scripts, all of which is provided by John Gruber. This is a much easier and natural form of writing then my earlier, writing in raw HTML style. I never got around to trusting the Blogger editor to do it properly.

Here’s the original Markdown document that I typed, courtesy Pasta.

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