December 27, 2004

Acrobat Reader 7

I like PDF’s much more than any other file format people usually use (usually Word files). And I really like the new Acrobat reader that’s out.

First things first, this will work only on Win 2000 or Win Xp machines. Acrobat Reader 7 will not work with any Older versions of Windows. There’s no Linux version as far as I can tell.

There are mainly two main improvements — firstly users can now add comments & notes to the document. Earlier this functionality was only available to users of Acrobat Professional. The caveat — the original document has to be created using Acrobat 7. As a result, I’ve not used this feature yet.

Another major improvement is the speed. Documents now open instantaneously, just like you are opening a text file. You can even see a preview in Explorer. This seemed too good to be true, until I realized that they add a background process (Acrobat Speed Launch) which seems to pre–load the application on startup. An acceptable tradeoff, I really use PDF’s a lot.

All in all, a great upgrade, even considering the large download size. There seem plenty of other feature, which I’ve not looked up yet.

Note: Users of Acrobat Reader 6 can also speed up the launch time significantly.

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