December 20, 2004

Book review so far

I’ve read only a few books so far, and here are my thoughts on them.

Animal Farm is classic. It was so funny at times that I could not stop laughing (and ended up coughing, as I had a cold at the time). But it’s not a book for everyone — you should have a taste for political satire, or pessimism. I really like old Benjamin — “Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey.”

I didn’t like Wuthering Heights as much. The story’s too predictable (and convenient). And I could not comprehend most of the antique English used.

The Idiot is really fun to read; and it’s end is probably the most bitter ending I’ve read. I spent the first day just trying to decipher the Russian names. I was at Ganapatipule when I started reading, and so did not have anything on the net to help me.

First of all, the names are really long, and it’s hard to remember them. Also, each person is called by different names. For example, Ganya is the same person as Gavril Ardalionovitch, and same as Gavril Ivolgin, the first being a nickname. The full name of that person is Gavril Ardalionovitch Ivolgin (Name, Son of, Surname). It was really fun to piece this all together while reading the book, and this will come in handy while reading any other Russian book.

Also, I got the feeling that Russia (19th Century Russia at least) is not that much different from India, culture-wise.


jankkhvej said...

Nice piece about Russian names ;)
It's funny to read a view from the other side about own native culture.

Ankit said...

Any time.