December 03, 2004

Now for some more

My exams are over, so I’ll probably be posting more often now. The last month was lean, too few posts & too few visits. I do keep track of that stuff.

Maths sucked beyond belief, hope I just clear it. This is the last time I need to study Maths as a subject, the next three semesters are mostly computer related. So: “Goodbye, and good riddance.”

Now it’s time for my end-of-semester book shopping. I’ve not decided what to buy this time around, will simply start browsing and pick up anything that seems interesting. Anytime I try to pick up specific books, I can never locate them. Strand is a great store, being the cheapest place to buy original books in Mumbai. So I ordered three books online, a few days back:

  • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card for Rs. 196, original price was Rs. 262.
  • Picture This [Hardback] by Joseph Heller for Rs. 250, original price was Rs. 962. The best deal.
  • Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco for Rs. 193, original price was Rs. 386.

The total cost being Rs. 639 to me, and I was happy. Until I got a mail saying that only Picture This was in stock at the moment, they didn’t have the other two. I really like that shop, but this has happened each time I’ve ordered something from there. I’ve come to expect this, and I would have been surprised if I got all those three books anyway. I usually order stuff from Strand at the end of every semester, fully expecting to not get all of it. Then I go pick up whatever is in stock, and roam the streets of Churchgate for cheap second-hand books.

I’ll probably go tomorrow or on Saturday, I need to go to Lamington road anyway to search for a cheap printer. Mine died.

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