December 07, 2004

Stuff to see

It’s time to make my recommendations on what’s good on TV right now. I pretty much have seen every show on TV. Lets do it channel-wise this time around.

Starting with HBO, there’s Carnivàle. I think only two or three episodes are left, and hope that they show the second season sometime soon.

Star World’s good, but the current selection of shows is not that great. Whenever I’m free, I try to catch The Simpsons. I sometimes see Smallville, but am getting tired of the constantly repetitive stories. Then there are of course the X-Files repeats.

Zee English has some great shows, but I have a major gripe: They keep repeating the same season over and over. Which sometimes does comes to my advantage, as I am not regular with my TV watching. There’s Six Feet Under, where I’ve seen almost all the episodes twice. So am getting a little bored with it. There’s ER, where they are showing the fourth season again over here. The show is in it’s 10th season in the States. There’s Gilmore Girls, which is a recent favourite. It’s the only family drama I can bear to see.

AXN basically has no good shows except CSI right now, and I don’t even like CSI that much.

That’s it for now, have fun.

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