December 12, 2004

Trailer roundup

Some good movies seem to be coming up this time around. There’s life after LOTR, it seems.

Let’s start off with Batman Begins, which seems to be promising. I had seen the last few Batman movies when I was a kid, and loved them of course. Recently while channel surfing, I came across one on HBO. Seeing it for a few minutes, I was horrified that I actually liked that movie earlier on. Still, the Batman Begins Teaser looks really good. Directed by Christopher Nolan (of Memento fame).

Then there is the big daddy of all franchise films, Star Wars–Revenge of the Sith (Or Star Wars–ROTS as I like to call it). I’ve seen the original triology only once before, and the last two prequels on TV. I actually liked Attack of the Clones, guess you have to be a Star Wars fan “since the elder days” to hate it. And I really liked the teaser for ROTS, again most SW fans hated it. Don’t know what it is with all these manic fans, then again 20 years down the road, I’ll probably be dissing LOTR remakes, so I can’t say much about them.

There is also the Spielberg–Cruise remake of War of the Worlds. The teaser’s been out recently, and it looked good. “In Spielberg we trust.” Even if its a simple action movie, it will be worth watching.

There are a few other movies worth noting — The Hitchhikers’s Guide movie which I have repetitively mentioned. There is Sin City, which seems too bizarre to miss. Check out the really old, really good quality, really big size, Comic Con footage. Oh, and there’s one really low budget film called Primer. Looks good, but don’t think that it’ll be showed around here.

Happy viewing!

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