December 18, 2004

The Trip

Well, I’m back. Always wanted to start a post with that line.

Ganapatipule is a beautiful place. The beach is better than any beach I’ve seen in Goa. Really clean water, white sand, and only a few people about; all make the experience worthwhile. One recommendation — if you go there, stay in MTDC Konkani Huts, right in front of the beach. They would not be worth the money any place else, but there the location makes up for the cost. Just walk out of the room, sleep on the hammocks of you feel like it, or go down a few steps and you are at the beach. At night, the sound of the waves is the loudest noise you’ll hear.

A small stream of sorts meets the ocean at one end of the beach. The backwaters are fun to look around. At high tide, the seawater flows in; and at low tide, the stream flows out. As I said, the water is really clean. Clean enough that I’ve seen people fishing in the backwaters, and at the sea. At low tide, you get to see countless really small & transparent looking crabs scurrying around. Hell, you even see bits of sea weed drifting to shore.

I really don’t want more people to go there, that would ruin the place. Of course, the place is bound to keep increasing in popularity, until it becomes just another beach.

I took around two rolls worth of pictures, but it seems that the first roll is doomed to fail. It’s tough to operate the manual SLR that I have, and I’m only just learning photography (by the old fashioned trail-and-error method). The second roll should come out well, and I’ll scan and post the pictures if they are (hopefully) any good.

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