January 22, 2005

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down has been doing the rounds on HBO for some time, only recently did I see it ‘complete’; without distractions, from start to finish. Mostly, when I want watch a movie on TV, I usually tune in somewhere in the middle. Can’t have the whole schedule memorised, you know.

This movie is a masterpiece. Allright, not so much, but the actors do carry it. There’s not much in the way of a story here — I didn’t even understand what the whole battle was about. The opening few minutes give a brief overview, but that’s it until the fighting starts and all else fades. I’ll leave it up to Google & Wikipedia to tell me more about it later.

Ridley Scott has directed this perfectly — from the grim realism of war to the ways the different soldiers react. A great deal of effort was put in to make the movie look as real as possible. Some of the extras are even from the original squadrons.

The acting is superb. There are many stars in this one, I didn’t even recognize Ewan McGregor for a few scenes initially. Josh Hartnett plays his role very well, from the initial nervousness of first command to ‘getting things done’ by the end. To me, the best of the movie were the scenes with Eric Bana. He keeps impressing me with every movie I see — will have to catch the Hulk solely for his acting now.

Catch it if it still repeats. HBO kills of movies after showing ‘em a few times.

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