January 23, 2005


Bookmarklets are wonderful little pieces of Javascript code. They are usually shown as a link which you are supposed to bookmark, hence the name. The most productive use is to put them in your browser’s bookmark toolbar — you can simply drag these links there if you want. Check out my Firefox layout if you want.

There are bookmarklets for all kinds of stuff. You can use them to do something as trivial as change the font size of the page you are seeing, to all kinds of CSS tweaks.

I’m gonna list some of the more useful ones here. I’m gonna try to credit wherever I got them from, if I recall it.

  • HTML Keyboard: Convert accented characters like Äñkít into their proper HTML sequences. Offsite, needs net connection. Provided by Fox Internet.

  • Ruler: Drag & draw selections & find their sizes. Really useful for web design. Works only in Firefox. [via.]

  • Wayback: View older versions of your current webpage via the Internet Archive.

  • Pasta: Plain text pasting service for del.icio.us. Store arbitrary amount of text on a web page and have it bookmarked automatically into your del.icio.us account. Works better with Firefox. [via.]

  • Coralize: View your current page using it’s Coral cache. Especially useful in times of slashdotting.

  • Bugmenot: Bugmenot provides usernames/passwords for sites with compulsory registration which ought to be free. Like the NY Times for instance.

  • Technorati this: Search your current page (or a text selection) in the Technorati cosmos.

  • DURL search: Find out who has bookmarked your current page on del.icio.us. Hacked together by yours truly.

  • BlogThis! by Blogger: Made redundant due to my use of del.icio.us. Read more at the help page.

I don’t normally use bookmarklets for search, as Firefox search engines fulfil all my requirements there. My most commonly used bookmarklet is for posting stuff to del.icio.us. People who use it know what I’m talking about.

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