January 19, 2005

Comment spam

I’ve been getting some comment spam lately. Really annoying, and can’t think of doing much about it — except checking my comment feed daily and deleting the comments. Haloscan does not offer much to fight spam. I’ve got a few ideas of my own, will try them if the problem gets too annoying.

This is not the first time I wish I had a better place to keep my blog. I love Blogger, but it’s not really much for the power user. I want Wordpress, or even Movable type will do. But the only free service I trust is Blogger. Setting up a Wordpress blog on a free host is easy, but not very reliable. And as I don’t have any income, I won’t register a domain and pay for my hosting, yet.

In other news, Google has put up a great idea on it’s blog yesterday. Just make the search engines ignore all the links from comments, and most of the spammers will not have a reason to continue. Some will keep spamming just to annoy the hell out of people, but the problem will not be as large. Hope that Haloscan implements something like this…

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