January 25, 2005

cragslist Banglored!

Now I only want a Mumbai edition to open soon…

Allright, I didn’t make any sense above. craigslist is an online network of sites, divided city-wise. It offers free classifieds and such. It is so popular that ‘real’ newspapers have complained that it costs them $50 million in revenue losses. They cannot compete with localized content like this anyway.

You see, if you are anywhere in the States, and looking for a decent gig/job/whatever, this is the best place to post stuff. Similarly, if you want to buy/sell/lease/whatever something, again check the site first. One of the truly helpful sites on the web, and it’s for free.

And now there’s a Banglore edition! I’ve not checked the site much (of course, as I didn’t need to), but now I’m gonna look into it from time to time to see if something interesting comes up. I’d like to do part-time work with all the free time I have around here.


Anonymous said...

'Craiglist Banglored'... the title is not correct... Banglored means outsorced to Banglore... Craiglist having a banglore edition doesnt mean the work has been outsourced.

Ankit said...

I know, but it's such a nice play on words ;)