January 03, 2005

Just wishing.

I was surfing around yesterday, and read up a lot of stuff on OpenVPN & OpenSSL. For those who came in late, SSL is used for secure (encrypted) links between two computers. A VPN is a virtual network or sorts; I experimented yesterday with a friend. It’s really easy to set up, and we could access each other’s machines over the internet.

All this got me thinking about what I’d have at my home if I could just afford it. All right, here goes. One computer dedicated for audio/video storage & playback (a media server if you may). A computer with a leased line, for all my net connection needs. All this internetworked, of course. WiFi at home, audio & video streams. A web interface thrown together to boot. And I should be able to access all this from anyway using my own VPN.

Huh, got carried away. Anyways, I’m gonna be gone for a couple of days. C’ya.

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