January 26, 2005

Love & Hate

I have a love/hate relationship with hardware. I love reading about kinds of hardware — but I usually can’t afford any of it, which I hate. Also, hardware for me should be transparent, that is it should just work. I can do all kinds of crazy shit customizing software, but start with hardware and I’m lost beyond the basics. Even then, I go and buy & install all my computer-related hardware myself. Every engineer (so called) I’ve tried so far has been a disappointment.

But my main gripe is that my hardware always dies on me. Take this as an example, and stuff like this happens a lot to me: the CD-RW drive that I recently bought won’t write anything any more. It barely reads stuff. Now, it was with a 1 year warranty, but I’ve lost its bill, can’t remember which shop in Lamington I bought it form, and can’t find any kind of warranty card. I asked a friend about whether I should give it to a Samsung Service Centre & try to get it repaired; and he told me about his past experiences there. It seems that there were 4 cupboards full of broken RW drives there waiting to be repaired. I’d have to wait for months for my turn to come there.

All I can say is that this sucks. Right now I’ve been in a state of inaction for almost a week. I know I’ll have to try to get it repaired, and I know it won’t be any use. I’ve also been looking for replacements to buy. I really want to get a combo drive — will finally be able to play DVD’s then.

Will just have to see how it works out… One thing’s certain though — I won’t be buying any Samsung stuff soon.

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