January 18, 2005


I have a terrible memory. And trying to remember stuff is annoying. A quick test — try to see how far back you can remember. I remember some stuff as far back as my kg days, but not any further. Even then, it’s mostly bits & pieces. I know there were trips out of Mumbai I had gone on when I was little, I have loads of pictures of these trips, but just cannot remember even going to these places.

My memory is much better from the time I was 11-12 onwards. Still not as good as I want, but can’t do much about it now. I remember concepts perfectly, just the details are lacking.

I also have difficulty remembering names & faces of people I’m not close to. I won’t recognize people whose names I remember, and can’t put a name on people I recognize. It’s really funny, but due to this I’ve mastered acting natural (for me) in all sorts of weird situations. Something like this happens really often with me — I’m just walking somewhere and out comes someone who knows me (from old school days & such). That person calls out to me, asks about life in general, or even going into specifics, we talk about the old days and such, and part ways without me even realizing who that was.

Another big problem for me is the gap between memories & dreams. I dream a lot, but most of my dreams at night are just like real life. I don’t remember most — and when I do remember something, I get confused whether it was a dream or really life. Trust me, it gets really annoying sometimes, trying to figure out whether an important conversation you had with someone actually happened. Déjà vu also annoys the hell out of me.

OK, another test — try to remember the earliest dream you had. This one’s harder.

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