January 20, 2005

Picasa 2

I added this to the sidebar yesterday when I heard about it, and now that I’ve downloaded it & played around for a bit, I think this warrants a review (or some free advertising, as is the case). As I’ve mentioned before, I love the Picasa interface; and it’s almost the same in version 2, only more feature packed.

Starting with the updates, and it’s a long list — GMail style labelling of images, adding of captions, really quick searching, backing images, create posters & collages, view camera EXIF data, move images around on your disk, direct integration with GMail, and loads of ways to edit/enhance pictures. Especially the last one — there are some good one-click image fixes, you can tune the picture’s highlights & shadows, and there are 12 different effects built-in.

I’ve probably missed some stuff, the interface is intuitive enough that I just use it, and don’t even realize all that’s added.

For those who got lost, Picasa is an image management app that Google acquired back in July 2004. It’s considered to be iPhoto’s Windows equivalent, which I can’t say much about. What I can say is that it’s better than any app I’ve used for this, and I’ve used a few. Take the online tour, you’ll be impressed.

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