January 15, 2005

Technorati tags

The best blog directory/aggregator (of sorts) get better. Introducing Technorati tags — exciting if you keep up with the latest news on the blogging scene.

It combines 2 of my favourite web services with blog posts. When you search for a term, you can see del.icio.us links & Flickr! images tagged with it; along with blog posts categorized under that tag, all in one page. It’s quite simple right now, you cant do tag intersections and such. Still, pretty cool, if you ask me.

These tag pages have a neat URI, REST style. For example, the page for the tag is http://technorati.com/tag/blog. Similar to del.icio.us.

Bloggers can tag posts in two ways — if you use Wordpress or such, whatever category you post under is considered as your post’s tag. You can also use a simple link syntax — look at the help page.

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