January 14, 2005


I’ve been a little lazy with my blog here lately. Don’t know, just can’t think of new things to post. And when I think of something, can’t get around to writing it. So, I’m going back to the basics — write what is happening. And what I find interesting.

There is a wicked cool animation over at NASA’s ESA’s site (don’t I feel dumb) about the Cassini–Huygens probes. It’s got a live clock with Huygens’ time to descent on Titan. As I write, there’s about an hour and half to go. Of course, it should take a few more hours for us to hear whether it’s successful or not, ‘coz of the lightspeed delay. The animation also shows the current & future orbit of Cassini. Takes some time to load, but it’s worth it.

There’s college coming up — the Sixth semester starts Monday. No results yet. And this upcoming semester is a killer one — 6 subjects, most of which could be vast enough to devote a whole year to. I had decided to finish studying DBMS before the semester starts, I’ve not even started it. Funny how things work out.

As far as reading goes, I’m killing my eyes reading books on my PC. Time for reading real books now.

Oh, and saw The Last Samurai yesterday. It’s good, very picturesque. I would have liked it even if it was a silent movie — some locations are just too good. Both the lead actors also give great performances. Just to find something to complain about, I thought that the story was a tad predictable.

Can’t think of anything else right now. So, later.

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