February 14, 2005

Blogger comments — revisited

Blogger’s updated it’s built-in commenting system. They fixed one problem I had with it — people don’t have to click 3 times just to post a comment. Anyone, whether they have a Blogger a/c or not, can post comments quickly now.

Three problems still remain: the posting interface does not seem to be skinnable. After someone carefully designs their blog, you don’t expect the whole theme to change just for posting a comment. Also, one annoying thing about Blogger comments is if you delete some comment, you get a message ‘This comment has been deleted by the Administrator’ in its space. That’s just wrong. And finally, they should provide a feed for comments also. Pretty rudimentary, I’d think.

So, I’m not gonna switch from Haloscan just yet. That, and the fact I can’t export my past comments to the new system anyway.

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