February 01, 2005


College’s started in full flow right around now. The sixth semester is a whopper — 6 subjects all of which are huge. The fact is, the sixth semester is the most crammed one in semester in engineering. Just check the subjects I have:

  1. Digital Signal Processing: Almost purely mathematics, so it’ll be almost purely guesswork for me. My math skills suck.

  2. Internet Technology & Applications: I like this subject — the syllabus is too huge to humanly cover in 6 months. Ergo, the exams should be easy. And most of what is asked will be general knowledge stuff, which is always fun.

  3. Database Systems: As interesting as the above. Again, I know the basics, so should be in the clear.

  4. System Software & Operating Systems: Another fun subject, but I can bear only so much of fun.

  5. Software Engineering: A totally theory subject — often referred to as a cram-through subject. Could be intrusting and useful, but I don’t have the time.

  6. Object Oriented Analysis & Design: A mix of theory & practical stuff. These last two subjects are almost the same. I can’t bear when people keep repeating that there should be a proper ‘process’ in developing an software app. Do writers or painters have to deal with a ‘process’?

On top of that, I have 3 projects. Now projects are the stuff I take seriously — nothing else matters. Hence the constant rambling on in this post. I think I like being busy, but I’ve never really been busy before.

Actually expect an increase in the posting frequency here — when there’s work to be done, the mind is bound to wander.

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