February 21, 2005

I’ve been lazy

OK, February is officially the month where I’ve had the highest number of visitors so far and where my posting frequency has been at its lowest. That’s because of two reasons — I’ve gotten a lot of good books to read, and I’ve also been really lazy.

I’ve not even started work on any of the three projects that I probably have to complete by the end of March. But it seems that this week I won’t have to go to college at all. All the sports activities & such means there are few lectures. Hope its so. Also, first week of March has my college’s ‘cultural & technical’ fest, which again means a week off.

Its time to finally do something now. May even finally try & revamp my template if I get around to it.

And in the miscellaneous section, I’m gonna take a Sify connection from next month. Its half the price of my current connection, and the same speed. And there will even be people sharing stuff on the LAN.

Also, SciTE rocks! The MSN Messenger Beta does not.

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