February 10, 2005


I’ve not sat down and read a newspaper for the last 1 month. The most I’ve done is skim the headlines, or read an odd article here and there. Don’t know what’s the cause of this, the poor quality of newspapers or the fact that I get most of the news I want online.

As the Times of India is the only paper I’ve read regularly, I can’t say much about any others. But the Times has steadily lost its quality. It feels more like an ad campaign than a newspaper. The editorials are the only place where you get some real content to dig into — and most of them feel to have been written hurriedly. And enough with splashing stories filled with every little detail of some obscure celebrity’s life already.

I don’t read local news, and Indian politics bore me. So pretty much what’s left for me to read is the international news & sports. International news is mostly always off agency like the Associated Press or Reuters — which you end up reading before the paper publishes it if you ever keep a look on Google News. Sports news are additives — you enjoy them along with the other stuff. You don’t read a paper just to get the latest in sports. I’m forgetting business news — which I get enough of already by my dad keeping CNBC tuned on at all possible times.

There are some really good writers on the Times — Jug Suraiya for instance, especially when he writes serious. But I’m thinking of dropping it in favour of some other paper (and about time). Gotta decide between the Indian Express, the Hindu & the Asian Age. Only the Indian Express has a tolerable site — Asian Age won’t even load using Firefox, while The Hindu is filled with Java applets.

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