February 05, 2005

On Mobiles.

I don’t have a mobile. Lots of people have asked me why I don’t just buy one; and there is a good reason for that — I don’t like mobiles.

I think mobiles are really useful, but personally don’t feel a need to use one. Almost every person I know carries a mobile, so it won’t make much of a difference in emergencies whether I have one or not. Also, the idea of being on call 24 hours a day is not pleasant. I don’t keep my IM’s on for the same reason.

A phone call is disruptive. People can just mail me anything they need to mention — or wait till I reach a landline. Also, I don’t work at all, so there is no case of any loss of productivity.

I also find people talking on mobiles annoying — especially friends talking when we’re out somewhere. You’d think people would pay more attention to the person they are with at the present.

One thing I seem to have observed is that people used to mobiles come to depend upon them. They lose their independence somewhat — switch of their mobiles and they’ll feel a sort of anxiety about being disconnected. Also, they lose a little imagination — they call and confirm every little detail of any plan.

And don’t get me started with ringtones and such… About the only use I could put a mobile to at present is using it as a sort of PDA.

OK, that was a little too disorganized even coming from me. But seriously, I don’t hate mobiles. I’m rather indifferent to them most of the time. I’ll probably buy one as soon as I start working. And my not loving mobiles worries me a little. I don’t ever want to be a technophobe — which is probably inevitable as Douglas Adams once wrote something to the effect that the older you get, the worse you feel about technology.

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